Friday, August 17, 2007

almost late , again.
with jingjing , venus , me{:
sang the national amthem in the middle .LOL.
test,LIT.was not so hard.
it was given 35mins but mine was done within 15mins.
4pg naii.LOL.anyhow do.
chinese lesson.anyhow run.
go 1NB,all becum guaiiguaii siah.nvr stand up also.
everitym run out derh lehs.toopid henry{:
after that,when to thalia's house.
was veri fan.
just now LIT,tcher dont know what happen.dunwan teach.
so i use handphone awhile.
dhen kna conficate.iin internet cans.
ask the tcher press out.she say."SRY HORHS,I DONT KNOW HOW TO PRESS"
iish guyi der .dhen ask me go office.
thalia , adeline , venus also playing so must follow.
dhen another extra tcher come.
dhen hai my hp give muthu.wth!
actually if the tcher nvr cum can take back derhs.
cried }':
LOL.thanks thalia , venus , adeline peii wo(: spammers again?iin

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