Thursday, August 16, 2007

hellos ;D
change cbox.
cause my old shoutbox i dunnoe how to ban ppl from spamming.
so change.thanks to alicia & kelly(:
chatted with shuen jie just now.
ahem*was tired cans.
soso tired.test and test.LOL..
stupido tcher.made our HE lesson gone for 2weeks!

ehs.jie,don't get dissapointed over that guy.
dun punch ur chest,don't get so heartpain over hym.
he's unreasonalble.just don't care bout hym.
it'll just get you more & more cham*
no point getting like that for that guy.
so much ppl will be thr for you(:
i'm sure your toottoot will treat you well due to ur post(:
rmb that guy cause you hate hym.ahahs.
but it's over long liia0s.

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