Friday, September 21, 2007

school for today,didnt bring bag.
morning assembly.
teacher annouse,who never bring bag or with nothing on them,
ask then to come to the front after singing.
then sing finish lerhs,ms low ask wheres our bags.
then she say next week rmb to bring.
tout nth lerhs,then head-form teacher come catch us.
then was like,so PS.
Jerlin - baobeh,Me,Adeline,Alicia - nuer;mei,Thalia.
and some other gurls.
6 to 7 gurll only =.=!
then all 40 something ppl are guys.
hahas,half i know derhs.
muthu send us home go take bags.
sorry jerlin-baobeh,cant pei you ):
but never mind,you got yongqiang and gangs.
kidding =x
was sho fun luhs,first time been send home cause of no bags.
reccess go find kelly - wifey.
sorry too i didnt answer you,wohenfann ):
adeline,thalia,alicia today pangseh.uhgs~!
nvrm,suan lerhs.
just now smthg happen.
dont wish to mention.
DUH ! thats my day (:

guess i wont be talking to you for days.
you so BIAS!
not only me rights,still got ........
i know shes your darling so what?betray me only?
all push to me?like all my fault?
thens like nothing got to do with her?
if you at first never disiao me,i will go ______you mehs?
always say ppl,say for yourself luhs.
betray friends,i know shes your baobeh,your darling.
so?big deal?
dont think another way round,i'mnot jealous.
who wanna jealous of this?
some people nth to do tehn will go jealous this and that.
then ask you bout this thing,
you act innocent,like dont know anything.
where got where got,GOT LEHS!.
say ppl pangseh,you ?
keep that sentence for yourself luhs.
pcb.naiibei,betrayer die farfar luhs.

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