Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home econ exam today .
cooking - fried rice.
woots,so fun luhs.
reccess,with kelly,alicia,jerlin,limling,siewting,jiayin,venus,thalia,adeline.
all trying each of our fried rice.
last perriod,ENGLISH.
teacher ask henry to go and type out the answer in the PC again.
he slept wrong - skillful.
tell him,he dont care,at thr laugh laugh.
Gu yi derh llorhs.
others,shall skip.
was angry with mum just now.
i wanna pierce another ear-hole,she dont let.
then angry.
give her attitude when eating.
then when walking home,she dont know tell father what thing.
he suddenly go see calender.
then say hmmms,okay this date.
ask him what he say i wan pierce mahs,he finding date.
mum say GUAN YING DAN then go.
he say ya horhs,guan ying your godmother mahs.
mother say when i was small very naughty so go temple pray.
ask guan ying be my godmom.LOLOLOLOLOLOLS!
so lammmmmme,but i feel more safer(:
must wait till 19 sep - chinese calender.
sooooo sian ):

today got CIP .
didnt clean uch,end up playing,swing,taking photo.
saw many planes.
like 3D,was like right infront of me siah.
i envy,i wanna take aeroplane also ):
then when going home,in the bus. & adeline put our legs up on the sit.
DI-SIAO timothy.then he pekcek.
okays,thats my day (:

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