Tuesday, September 4, 2007

yesterday father brought me to cityhall.
he go inside the shopping centre.
go to the "THE Q SHOP"
change his 'Q' tip.
one small wooden tip naii cost him $15.LOLS!
inside thr saw one guy bout pri 1/2?
playing pool.his playing was like.
WAH!so pro siah.
envy* (:
then went to "THE CONCOURSE"
the building was super high.
what if earthquack.CHOICHOI!
go thr play pool(:
actually go another side one.
but they say must above 16.
LOLS!thr only got pool table thats all,whye must above i6.=.="
abit angry.
then go concourse derhs.
the person ask my father i above 16 mahs.
then he say she's 16.
the person believe.
sooooooooo funny.
waiting for mother to come after her work.
awhile,she reached.
played too.
had lorts of fun today.
next week going again(:
later 8.30 going siewting's house.
go tgt to school for cca.
toopid mschen dont let me quit.
she say today who nvr go must charge $1.

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