Wednesday, September 5, 2007

yesterday meet siewting in the morning.
went to school together.
today dance tcher nvr come ms chen teach us.
she's a dancer too .
she though us "tikui"yayao"duntiao"
and manymany.
then watched a video which is HER dancing.
about one type of special bird.
and the camera just kept viewing her dunnoe whye.
then she say cause she's too pretty thats whye.
awhile more she say "nola nola,maybe a too big size the camera no plae to take."
how could that be possible.lols.
then finish lerhs dicused with vinnie all bout this saturday.
going one place at raffles place to see dance concert.
meet at yishun first.hohohohohs.
ilovexinling,linli,vinnie lahs!
cuteness of them.
then follow siewting go home change.
her DUDU which is her parrot is just too cute!
hahas,sher changed finish then follow m go my house.
and went to bugis with her,my neighbour.
bought two shorts.
heyhey,i got one brand new crown short.
white colour derhs.
bought for 23 selling at 20.
i dont want cause i have too many.
back to what i'm saying.
hmms,after we buy al the things.
we went to buy ice-cream,greentea flavour.nice.
sat down one the stairs.
one group of young teenagers kept looking at us.
then one guy from them came and us me whr i buy the ice-cream.
then another auntie ask whr is the foodcourt.
ate finish jiu go home lerhs.
pei sewting go np toilet.
then at mac thr saw joleen,sophina,xiaokit.(:
sophina cute.;D
said hellos then jiu go home lerhs.
with neighbour.
then at night all neighbour talking.
3indian neighbour.
one is siva,13 also.
one is shanti,9.
one is their small brother.visvanth,3 naii.
then one malay neighbour,hasmillah,11,
which is the gurll who follow me go bugis.
all are goodfriends(;
with them for bout 5 to 6 yrs lerhs.
then ask their brother come here.
me and hasmillah teach hym.
i asked hym"you boy or gurl?'
then he said gurll.
then we tell hym"aka gurll,thumby boy"
thumby is how they call in indian.
then asked hym again,you boy or gurl.
he still say gurll.
teach and teach finally he said boy.hohoh.
then teach hym others.
you got long or short hair?
you good boy or bad first he say badboy.
then we tell hym is good boy.hahas.
talk and talk.
siva ask me lorts of question.
you know who fazlin?
you know who lehka?
you know who jerlin?
eh?she know jerlin also.think it's cause they're from the same pri skol.
about 1 to 2am jiu go home lerhs.
as my hus is just bside.
sooooooooo tired.(:

asked them want go out mahs(:

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