Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yesterday !

Sooooooooooo sian in class.
we tell teacher we go counselling.
then teacher believe and let us go.
but we really got go.
go there got air - con.
then play in there till half.
adeline shouted "NICOLE SIAO DERHS!!!!!!!!!!"
then i so excited.
cause adeline is standing at the half side of the door.
then only left oneside.
soooo i run towards nicole and shout "AHSIAO JIE!!!!"
then i almost bang-ed my fore - head.
open the door,then first thing nicole say is,Got door lehs.
=.=! sooo PS.
she kept laughing.
then she jiu go DNT room lerhs.
countinue hyper in the room.
thats my day(:

Today !

today so good.
Nigel , Henry , Desmond never come.
guess all pon.
Damndamn Mrwooooooooooooooooooooo go the graduating thing.
so relief .
the teacher very kp.
say wht she's the disipline mistress,i we make noise he go tell the disipline master.
which is muthu.
wth~lame cans.
then she gave us colouing things to do.
colour like hell.
thalia called her to come again.
tell her we got counselling,which is really true.
then she say,
"If she cant find you at the art room she sure will come class and find,believe me,i'm the DISIPLINE MISTRESS."
Big deal ?
then Mrwoooooooooo came.
told him we got counselling.
he let us go(:
in counselling room.
Di-siao the teacher.
sooo funny lahs.
then MrTan came in.
what you all doing here?come here got aircon ahs?
then we are like.yaa...yaaa....yaaa..
then i tell him,here no aircon inside the room then got luhs.
then he say but inside here is still cooler then outside.
i got nothing to say.
all smiling.
then i asked him to sing the song he loves to sing.
so nice luhs.
he didnt sing.
this days got what problem?
with abigail laopo.
then make till laopo so sad & angry.
PLUS,nicole jie so angry with her other 2 meiis.
at last i knew what happen.
but not all of it.
shall not care so much yahs.
dddddddddddddddddone (:

Nicole jie,
dont angry yahs.
abigail laopo,
yoo too,cheerup.
iiloveyoo both.(:

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