Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ihate him luhs.
so much much much.
saddness )':

ii hate my FATHER lots.

really dont wish to have this type of FATHER.
ask me go buy food for you to eat,
buy hao liia0s then call me to buy other things.
reach home,say i buy wrong things.
then say gave me 50dollars to buy.
should be give back 44 dollars.
then jiu start scolding.
say what,sec 1 liia0s math still so lan,go back primary school lahs.
dont know what brain.
everyday only know how to play handphone.

wtf.really feel like shouting him back.
slaslapslap,go die lurh hurs.
really dont understand what you thinking.
mum work so hard,you still blame her.
aiyah,you 1day this face another day that face.
dont give me that fcuking face cans.
act naii.pcb.
your stupid common sense dosnt make any sense to me lorhs.
you think you everything right,please la horhs.
go here cannot go thr cannot,play computer also no freedom.
play for bout 1hour only,closecloseclose.
the computer also not yours,not you buy derh also.
care so much for what.
i say one word,you say back 10 sentence.

i argue with you abit only,you at thr kpkb.
nabeii lahs.
7 somthing argue with you only for 1 sentence,
you argue back dont know how many till 8something.
say i only know how to waste money.
you cb say for yourself,every sat go out go out.
then sunday morning put anger on me and mum.

only make our eys kept turning red and wet.
but if i cry also wont be crying because of ur scolding.
is because of ,i felt so not tyco to have you as my so called father.

really felt like shouting at you.

iihateyoo , FATHER.


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