Saturday, January 12, 2008

slept at 3 , woke up at 5...
msg siewting then meet her go sch together.
reach school about 6plus the gate door not open =.=
saw ppl climbing in the sch o.o
then went mac buy milo , went back to sch again .
saw yuying , then went in together .
wait for misschen to come , classroom area so dark , l0ls ;x
then they make up , we helphelp .
after all the performance , all chiong so pull ppl come x)
then blablabla ii saw one pig (:
then chatchat , snap shoot him talking with MRbrian , woots (x
then went hm la , then like that and like that , took pictures.
siian my fone cant upload , need use dad's . duh .

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