Friday, January 11, 2008

today (:
adeline sick because of walking in th rain yesterday with me ;D
so bad , never go school , so went school myself .
the first person ii saw was the baffalo firdaus , l0ls ;x
sec 1 camp today uhs , tmr must go back school early in the morning at 7am,
help miss chen dont know what thing for sec 1.
so jialat , miss chen is unreasonable la ! nvrm (:
in chinese class , teacher cause of sec1 camp nvr come , then got relief .
his lessons is damn boring , so the girls slept (:
after that , dont know what happen all quite , then look up shaiful there =.=
all wake up , jerlin still sleeping , duh , lucky cindy waked her up ;D
he dont let us sleep !
whos PE teacher shaiful will die like us , warm up niias can do 15mins none stop .
run one round do push up the other round do sit up.
sit up still nvrm , his sit up must put leg up then count to 30...
push up also , girl also cant knee touch floor , can die , henqhenq got health check .
next week dont know how le .
after shcool , went white room with venus and stella cause her fone got confiscated,
by g0h leelee :) saw nicole ahjie , she like crying , holding blue form on her hands.
then when home play c0m .
play that maple all mood gone la , all F5 me for nth siahs T.T
& grats my cousin getting married , rom at next friday , no need go sch , yays (:

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