Thursday, March 27, 2008


shaiful bo come , wOO!
relief ; MR BRIAN
fk him mans .
he gave us science worksheet .
i never bring text so he asked me to share with venus.
i was waiting for her to write finish marhs , thn was knockinq my head .
thn he shouted and say , EH! ni yao shui jia0 huh! zui hou yi zi horh .
i was pissed off =.= his chinese was like , blablabla lahs .
thn he said even henry dont dare sleep .
like he very big liddat -.- S-0
then chiong doing the worksheet .
then went home .


shaiful got laii ,
i love maths!


i forget what i did -.-


in the morning , catch skirt .
i make teacher think other thing , then she forget about me !
bt she caught venus .
i told venus last time my skirt lenght liddat also cannot derh .
she dont believe and kept laughing ?
thn teacher walk to her and caught her , thn my turn laugh :DDDDDDDDD
new maths teaching xd
eww , i dont really understand .
misstOh was like ..duhh , dont know how to say .
raised up my hand like what siah , act bo see ?
shout here and therefor her ..
today venus kena dii-siiao by bernard till very shiok .
bernard call her baobeh darling wOrhhs xD
HAHA ! laugh si wo (:
thats my dayy :D

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