Friday, March 28, 2008

today ,
shaiful said bout skirt agains !
venus quickly hide her face xd
english , was fun but randy showed us incredibletales again =.=
scary mans .
then was maths , a small test (:
damn diff ,
recess then after that VE , simi CIP derhh lahhs ,
then chinese !
wang lao shi bo come siahs T.T
she say today wan let me tou tai derh!
so huimin jie come our class ,
she said ghost storys -.-
stella , siewting , me , alicia , limling was listening :D
after sch , waited or adeline , thalia , venus to come down .
they damn slow sehs .
zhutou tOld me in msn to day at stairs there saw me ,
ps lahh , i bo see you -.-
then went home .
followed mummy to posb make card xd
then buy new sch uni :)
d !

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