Monday, April 28, 2008

schsch ,
so hot sehs , venus&siewting in class like in suana lidat ,
sweat till , although i'm hot , but i didnt swear till so jialat ,
they say hot still play catching =.-
2perriod geo miss didnt come , slept in class for awhile niia .
those boys doing things , very , hao siao .
miracle , henry got come , they say come for exam .
recess bought drinks then when to library .
cause its so hot !
bell rang , still need go parade square for shaiful punnishment everyday ,
already so hot , Heat stroke liao lahs ,
mother toungue , did correction for compo ,
nice marrks i've got :D
then asked teacher how to letter writting .
lesson over , venus&me wanna lend glue for project .
ask the teacher have anots , she ask glue is what -.-
then she orhhh , She tout we saying tape , we tout she noe le .
went to the office , she gave us tape =.-
ask mr yong , you noe how to say glue in chinese ?
then he said ' nian gao '
ZZZ , yearcake -.- wang laoshi came , asked her she say jiaoshui ,
then i tell her mryong say nian gao she laughed :DD
science , jerlin came with him ,
shaiful ask her do this and that , lol
then he say boys stand ,
girl stand on the chair ,
he ask boy sit , then ask jerlin see skirt.
jerlin didnt say us i think , but shaiful ask venus me & christella stand on chair .
we keep pulling liao lorhs , already very long ,
he go confiscate venus's necklast , thn she emo liao ,
after that shaiful very funny .
then he say if tmr still liddat , we kena cwo or whatever thingy .
after sch packed for the FFFF and went home.

you dont truse me ,
i cant do anything.
i swear i didnt & i'm sure.

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