Tuesday, April 29, 2008

today was alomost late for sch,
heng saw 3rduncle outside xishan ,
bring my cousin to sch,
the he longpang me go ,
i didnt sit properly lahs ,
told him i'm gonna be late.
the road no cars de lohs,
he go speed to 140 .
i almost fly out lah.
but still thankyous for driving me :d
chinese exam .
paper 1 .
did the letter writtinq thingy .
& compo , i last minute finish .
recess , venus ask her shout weihao .
she shoutshout no ppl answer .
then she say , oi call you dont know how to answer ah.
she call shien call , he shout very loud lorh , siah lah .
he go ask who call weihao , nobody -.-
after recess , need go parade square again ,
dont know what happen to the planet , damn hot lorhs .
do paper do till pekcek .
do till half sudden rain ,
5min stop , 5min rain ,5min stop .
zzz .paper 2 i do till like madd , drew a pig behind the paper .
after that went home ,

i'm sorry,
its my responsible to takecare of you,
every since i bought you,
you look so cute,
you're weird this fewdays,
& i dontknow what happen.
what a stupidd owner am i,
although i still left one,
i still miss you<3
i'll learn to treasure,
faster reborn,
dont be a hamster next life.

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