Wednesday, July 2, 2008

freaking day again .
english teacher bully ,
i kept sleeping today , dreaming of things ,
so cool , cause nobody waked me up :D
bias shaiful .
our last lesson is his lesson , he said gonna test us ,
each ppl one chance only , only get correct then can go home ,
wrong answer need wait everybody
answer thn can try again , bias siah him , let malay ppl go first , which is ,
one chinese girl and one malay girl raise hand ,
he choosed malay , for 2 times !
the whole class only left Chinese ppl ,
st tried first , she got wrong ,then v also wrong ,
c, also wrong , then i go try , heng correct :D
waited for them then went canteen with v ,
ate with timothy and fauzi .
ask him who chairman , then i tell him if malay , i'll say him bias .
cause now our chairman and vice both malays .
he down there laughing ,ate finish then went home .
while walking with venus , saw one malay northland girl and boy fighting ,
the boy very fierce shiol , shout here and there .
then the girl keep saying dakbper , LOL . he keep pushing the girl sehs ,
heng police came :D

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