Thursday, July 3, 2008

those who havent did the nafa had to do it ,
others who did can play balls ,
dilah,azu,lala,ting and me went to basketballs .
lols , d , n , s there .
boys other side girls other side .
fun shiol , but lastly , me and ting play nias -.-
those boys laughed at ting bo goal ,
at last she goal-ed ! hohos ,
got girl basketball anot ?
think this kindof sch dont have bahs ,
imisstheball already :D
after that maths , busy fanning myself .
recess , LIB ,aircons (:
then LIT , at lib , got that drama thingy ,
got so moodless in that perriod ,even and odd number separated ):
that teacher darn funyy , but got desiao-ed by whole class ,
so wasnt really laughing -.- make me paiseh nias ,
the teacher also ! went out of the room and..aiyahs .
then science , shaiful late .
ryzan go throw us blue tags , threw backs ,
end up s,d,t,h,r,v and me playing .
funn : DDDDDD
havent revenge ,the basket balls had to go for competition ,
sian siahs , shaiful came ,
was day dreaming but got listen abit (:
shaiful suddenly called me , ask me craps , answered .
ask me hole the marker raise half high as he was explaining .
then he went asking vineeta , bo listen shiol she ,
make me hole the marker so long , she say correct then
i can go bac , then shaiful kept saying ,
sister , tired ah sister , they laughed -.-
after that eng , i dont like that teacher lah !
unfair ones , nvrm .
then weekly assembly , about girl things ,
washface , clean and clear , dots siahs .
after sch , went home ,
byeeee :D
i'm anxious about wheather they win or lose mans !

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