Thursday, July 31, 2008

Had Pe for first perriod , Mrshaiful told us to go bench wait .
then the girlgirl teacher say she dont wanna see other class ppl .
asked us to get off , okay well , i stand aside .
Mrshaiful came , he carried the bench to another side .
mark attendance , is that a pimple ?
Oh heaven .
5girls including me volunteer to help him get things .
saw those shirts , nice yeahs .
sweatt alot during playing batminton .
Mrshaiful called me to play with him .
i used to hit hardhard , but he taught me hitting softsoft , tought .
kept using hitting hardhard ways , not get to it luhs ,
but slowly okay already , sweat till like , you may just pour a bucket of water
on me .Other lessons are boring .
Literature , had alot fun , really had fun with my mad-dog laughter .
R.Krisnaveni :DDDDDDDD
you suddenly bring laughters , even when your reading words .
looking at your eyes just made me noneStop laughing .
with Azurah we laughed like , HAHA .
iloveyouguys :)
after school meet mum , packed and went home .

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