Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cry me a river ;

Preetys (:
Breathing Deep .
12/August , My Mother's Day .
alot bashes at school , boo (:
Last lesson , our D&T teacher didnt came .
so stayed at class , with the boys sending songs .
okay , forced to take out .
i love the night .
13/August , wore new uniform .
they said i looked like SingaporeAirLineThatPlaneLady ( not sure of the spelling )
then i told them not Singapore ,
i SriLankaAirLine :D
recess , vee gone siaocase & kept calling me bring her go London .
DreadFully reached 3Floor .
went in Lib , she go take my china $1 ,
argued very long , 20cents,1.5cents .
at last La payed , thankyou (:
i'll pay you back tmr .

havent even started teaching she got very mad&angry cause of those guys.
she almost cried i think .
me & La didnt even said a word but answered Vee .
she making house .-.
the sch skirt is making me so uncomfortable .
After all those shoutings , shaiful came and Caned ppl .
she shoutshout& shout , the whole face red .
but i still loves her . shes a good teacher (:
Art , concentrate & did our clays w/o chattings(:
Then MamaLesson .
gave workbook & checked my science .
last lesson , Science .
shaiful said those who didnt hand up Mindmap last week on NDP go out and do .
he said they tot he forgot , luckly we gave last week already .
the class left with , Me,Vee,Jm& shan . Beautiful (:
took notes about comman test .
they onebyone came in and handup some cannot .
Shaiful's playing , 2mindmap on one paper , not doing it straight .
Its possible , alot ppl got chasted out .
2.20pm out of class, told everyone of them who dont noe .
very loud Huh-ing :x
but better then going in then Huh more louder .
byyyyyye :)

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