Friday, August 8, 2008

Yesterday reached school at 7.20 sharp but YLDPs counted me late .
they had nothing better to do , i mean those guilding gates . SomeOnly (:
i'm first on the name list , hahaha .
didnt give anything , i came for PE & LIT okay , if not i won't come also .
Gave my Handphone to cutie ask her keep for me .
That muthu keep say i lieinglieing got hp in my bag .
then he dont wanna check also , Make me no PE ! #:(
Walao was darn disapointed & sad siahs , they having Pe at paradesquare ,
infront of me manzxzxzxzxz !
yelling for my handphone , i rather give handphone then sitting there ,
my PE ! Batminton / basketballs ):
then Muthu is like for half an hour also dont wanna come out ,
idioticass , Pe finished , he finally came out ?
Then gave him my handphone .
2hours detention + No PE for me today .
soo no mood already , back to class .
those closer friends dont know what happen keep saying me stupid why give handphone .
i really feel like shouting at them at that min , but didnt .
recess then LIT , perform ,
Mad-dog laugher saw me not laughing , she went to me and made me laugh .
just 1second i forgotton about that .
iLOVEyou (:
& not least cutie, she made me laugh when shes reading the script .
hahaha .
Today NDP celebrating .
wore PoloTee cause St asked to .
& new skirt , went hall after those uniform groups perfomance .
guess teacher's voice with those recordings .
guess all correct only one wrong .
that teacher wasnt teaching us .
went back class , wrote wishes on the big white blank cloth .
aisyah wrote SarangHaeYo in korean , they kept asking me whats the meaning .
10.30 meet mum at watson then ate & bought new school shoes .
my current schoolshoe like CaiPo like that :DDDD
then walked pass Kfc saw cousinToby & auntie .
he bought SingaporeTatoos , taught him how to put .
he putted on his face .
he also putted on my hand & legs but it was destroyed by careless.
still can see uh (:
he's so cuteeeeeeeeee , my closest and most loved cousin yo (:
went to rent LakePlacid2 about crocodile .
didnt saw the MATURE 18 , hahahahhahaa .
the sister didnt stop me ffrom renting too cause we're long costumers (:
he asked me to lend him see if its exciting and nice .
wen home and watched , its like oh heaven , A or R ?
never cover de ehs ,
so disgusting , but mostly is that crocodile .
i think cannot let him see :DDDDD
later his mother say i anyhow teach brother :DDDDDDDD
done of craps , byyyye (:

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