Monday, August 4, 2008

Yesterday night mum was telling stories about her last time house .
felt so cold and went down to sleep with her .
Her bed is like , the aircon cannot come down !
hot till like fire mountian beside me .
woke up today and saw myself pespiring .
ran up to my bed , finally cooled down .
how she TaHan ? nevermind .
GEO for first perriod , workbooks .
skepskep , shaiful went for sec3Camp , no science .
then the girls one side boys one side throwing paper .
keep aim me ehs ! threw a bottle at them , was in anger :DD
but they still throw back .
after school , AzuCutie dont know tell me what , what vivo ?
forget it , went home .
my pimples havent okay ! but its going to be :DDDDDDDDDD
this week no Dance , cause of Sec3Camp , kill me ):

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