Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well my classmates kept saying G* stories in class .
kept shocking me when unknown-ing time doing my works.
today morning , my mum didnt wake me even her handphone alarm is going on .
the sound is sooooooooooooooo , so woke up & ask her help me get one cup of ice water .
nowadays the weather so hot yeahs ):
shouting for fan in class .
and mates continued G* Stories ,
because of sec3 camp , alot teacher has been reported Absent & reliefed !
very happy (: but G* Stories continued .
Maths , reliefed but not happy , cause that MissMohhhhhh , gave us Maths worksheet .
its quite easy anyway (:
another reliefed was Music , played guess numbers with ,
St,La,Des&SE , Vee was not in mood cause of , Oh ya .got back report sheet today .
I failed 3 manzxzxz , did badly ))))))):
and vee moody cause Randy gave her Zero for history , she handed in the tumbdrive ehs !
she was in very badbadbad mood .
guess number game , i keep kana , aswellas Des & St (:
no cca tmr , bored , byyyye .

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