Friday, December 5, 2008

hellos (:
another boring day .
kinda sick also , wanna die alr ..
don't feel like replying msn , sorry .
could i get back to work tmr ?
alot of things happened recently .
i think i'll live w/o a dad soon ..
not really very upset , cause he's sucha nuisance sometimes .
he came back just now and slamed the bloody door ,
Whatthefish ? this is not your house okay .
don't come back if you dont wanna see me cause i don't wish to see you too .
i'm done of craps .

Hahh ! 25days more to school i think ?
quite stress , hate to go to sch lahs .
asked mum to buy stuffs for me , gotta return her money after that .
broke already .. i want Moneyyy .
yesterday got work , thursday i guess ?
and the Que was like hell long , totall owned customer 30+ Chrispy chickens .
Hello , cant you ppl eat other things ,
2twister was cancelled , venus came and bought chickens , so gave her the twister .
Hahaha , she looked at me with that , (huh) face , cute ahs :D
what happen yesterday manzxz , normally thursday's que's quite short ,
& if its raining , lesser ppl . Just yesterday , raining yet so many ppl .
They desperate to eat chickens or other kfc close down ?
whatever whateva ..
Faster saturday , i wanna work ..
missed alot collagues,
eager to see you too (:

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