Monday, December 1, 2008

Off today .
was asked out by collegues .
he wanna give me chinese tuition , outside kfc under the blk .
can't stop laughing when i heard this ..
still went , improvement for chinese .
he bought that stupid book which is dam thick ,
then ask me to read .. stranger to alot of words heh ..
he was like so agitate when i stopped reading awhile .
fking irritated at that moment ..
treated him kfc after that ..
chatted awhile about that mole lady we used to talk about
can't deny i laughed like a psychotic yaa .
after that went to back door , find shien & jay .
dissapointment , jay's cooking chicken .
so chatted with shien awhile then went back under blk.
walk home about 10+ ..made friends with alot chinese words today .
Thanks for being so patient with me friend (:

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