Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gosh , today check skirt heh !(:
me & lala didnt get caught y'know !
qianyi kept saying why we never kena caught , i was like .... Duh ?
never thought me & lala did the same thing to make skirt look longer .
after all those catchings , shaiful on stage talk rubbish ...
' for girls , i've plenty of NiceLongSkirts for you guys, so no worries '
'for boys , i've good hair cutter for you people '
Like what y'know ..
i only slept for One perriod today , hehs ..
F&N , i forgot to bring my text book :x
& mdm Yeo's back (!) so sheety kay ,
have to buy thumbdrive for research everything , so mafan .
chinese , greeted for severals times , darn lame .
after school went to look for MissChee to do maths in order to get back my ezlinkcard .
and so .... so pathetic for me today .

Sorry if i skip work , mainly because i dont have the mood
& you're there , i dont wanna see you , really .. i dont know why also ...

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