Saturday, April 4, 2009

This stupid cook yesterday spilled the oil on the floor & made the whole place like SnowPalace .

Thursday .
Check skirt again , sueyed ....
ME,QIANYI,siewting all got caught .
omg can , they anyhow check , we pull our skirt very long alr eh >:(
Fcukfcuk ! D:
&& lala was lucky she didnt got caught .
siewting at last still go back sit down .
went down to general office with MUTHU pig .
shaiful gave us the new skirt and asked us to change .
the skirt was right down underunderUNDER my knee .
very Loooooooooooooooooooooooong .
guess what ? i folded 3times then look like the usuall me , shalini'siao said that .
and qian yi , the first time she fold skirt , hahaha .
as for fahtin , she was quite small sized , the skirt actually gonna reached her Ankle .
darn cute la (: then she folded about 4times , LOL.
damn uncomfortable .

after school wenta find shaiful , he's like purposely wasting our time .
uncle , me needa go do Ic know not .
rushed as fast as i could to reach home ..
mum at there kp me . walao ):
PATHETIC BAAEB , need wait 1month then can get .

Yesterday , worked .
they sabo-ed again , left me one cashier .
omg really wanna say ****
how could you ppl ! i sabo also la . wth .
4 days never work alr , my closing was like sheet .
i realised i havnt do alot things when i reached home .
stupid kor still irritate me .
so stress , shall stop here .
Byebye .

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