Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the end, its these small things that you remember,
The little imperfections that make them perfect for you.
So to my beautiful children,
I hope one day you too find yourselves life partners,
who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was, to me.

Bio test today was soooooo , diff ):

Mr Koh , Principle of NSS , gave all of us holiday for tommorow !

We were so high after hearing that .

dont have to bring my textbooks , wednesday's books are the heaviest ,

& no massrun , y'know ?

so shag i dont wanna go work ..

btw , i've found a new LaughsL.lies , which's Qianyi !

she really can laugh for nothing , espicially her laughing face , make me wanna laugh too .

she once laugh till almost fall on the floor in F&N class .

LOL,Pathetic , cant even sit properly can laugh .

Haah ......

Today's bio test was really CMI , cries.

whats the function of Enzymes , i wrote Breakdown .

Huh..i dont even know what am'i answering .

gonna fail gonna fail gonna fail !

Anybody , tell me when's Mother's day ?

Got up today and heard thunder .
Rain very big .
V.SHAG ...
actually thot of giving school a miss but ...
i got Biology test .
so called uncle come drive me go school , i know...V.bad ..Nochoice .
Got back chinese & english test today also , Chinese - 13.5 / 30 .
i got no respond or neither did i react .
haah..i just sat down and did corrections ...\i dont know how to express my feelings already..
so dissapointed , i failed my chinese ? how could i .
there's no use blamming the teacher like you guys .
English - 27/40 .
i Deproveddeproved .
midyear's comming around in may.
& i got stupid results like this .
dying inside , cant stand it .
GoneCase ):

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