Monday, April 20, 2009

Mondays , had my socialstudies test .
open book test , so was quite Okay ? haah ..
Science lesson , i slept the whole perriod , i really cant stand the teacher teaching ,
when she cant even speak well english , always like hagitating for the next word to say .
i got no offence kay .
recess , i gave attitude .. i'm sry .
maths lesson , i drew the whole lesson .
chinese , composition .
After school , called daddy come down .
went office & got back my things .
Thanks for taking leave just because of this 5mins .
need to study for bio , tmr test already .
i really hope i pass my Bio cause , ... I simply love it too much .
AhBang .

by the way , sir chris change all the riders in our outlet .
i'm damn freaking sad kay .
all my lovelies gone , v,r,a,z,y all gone .
it was informed last last week, & yes i'm angry with chris laopa ,
he then say alot of reason , well i just listen .
i got even more sad when they told me they would miss me ,
all gone to woodlands already ):
hopefully they'll come back and visit us ..
never gonna forget you guys (:
whippedpotato foundew , made by sweety :)

I don't need you to walk behind me ,
as i won't be able to lead .
I don't need you to walk infront of me ,
as i may not follow .
I just need you to walk beside me .
Do not grieve about the past ,
for it is over .
Do not worry about the future ,
for it has yet to come .
As long as it is called Today ,
live your life as if it's your last ,
and you will find each day worth for living .

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