Friday, May 15, 2009

LimLim (:

Joey,me,Pann .

Exam perriod , socialstudies today .
write until my hand pain ... so much things to write..
finally weedends , but haah...working,cannot rest .
& i shall say Maths=fail .
Paper1 already 17pages , somemore so conficated...
I think Paper2 i CMI .
the C is Cannot not Can .
yesterday went np with mum .
i promissed her to buy her new specs for mother'sDay .
went to SpectacleHub , haha , blame who ?
KohYiakKheng , he gave us the vochers .
cheaper mah ..
she choose so long till they wanna close shop already..
then at last , she like purposely choose expensive one can .
not sure is J or Boss , nevermind got vocher .
realise my mother's evil -.-
she didnt buy in the end eh ! but reserved ....
happy for nothing .......?
then acc her go NTUC , dad called mum ask her buy hotdog .
i didnt know at first , just heard her saying .. the longlong with cheese de ah . LOL :d
bought her things the went home .
Back to exams , english & chinese quite okay ah .
Bio very diff !@#$%^&*&^%$#@!
OhGod , PLEASE .

I miss china with my roommates (:

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