Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bullshit .

Hah..y'know ? you're one of it .
you said you won't but you did.

Midyear exams are starting this friday , with english .seriously dont know study what also , just know that i have one big stack of economics,biology to study.Been teaching qianyi make finish one complete rubik cube . today's her 3day , still forget level 3 -.- Duh . sees her turn the cube , Laugh my ass out man , also can get stroke when teaching also .haah..i got so serious when teaching her,i even shouted.LOL , so sorry kay , cause she kept laughing nonstop ! tmr gotta continue again , hope she memorise , please ?

and yeah ? i just recieved a msg from qianyi saying ..( Shiyun, how come i cannot turn the fish , the rubik cube de .) isnt she funny ? ZZZ . not gonna reply , striking stroke soon .

Muaha! & , i love my selenge joey ;D .. she's my manager , and just cant stop bullying me whenever she sees me , this friday gotta work with someone i dont wanna work with..somemore same station,bloody freak lah . but nevermind i've got jackykor (:

no massrun untill futhur notice , because of this H1N1 disease . it's not mainly from pigs but humans actually , so people,stop evading pigd kay .had a sudden flash out of my mind , on how i used to love PIGlets in sec1 , haha .

i'm missing my friends whom i use to gather with when i give school miss (: Remember? chongpang***'s the place (: & jon , msg me once in a hundred year , haah .

y'know , i hate you .

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