Monday, November 23, 2009

i was treatened to work , for tommorow , if i don't find reaplcement .
okay , maybe not really treaten .
it's not me who cant work , it's just one Aunty.
and this is what she say , ' if you cant help me find replacement , you must come work tmr at 7am okay ! '
wtf , i see you small ladey .
which word in the sentence ' i can't work' do you NOT understand ( learn from ppl :D)
so , i wenta find replacement for her because she starts saying ,
'i cannot work ah , i request already .. oh mydear sharon , i love you la , help aunty Please .
& all the craps came out .
there was once , she even told me , my son ( 15) is afraid to be alone at home .
hilarious , seriously . but cannot blame .
CER came today , she start discard-ing chickens , half pot of chrispy chickens ,
she threw all away ,
i think she dont know africa's children dont even have food to eat .
back to reaplacing, i found bockky for replacement .
i find him very nice eh , i told him it's that aunty .
thank him for helping her .
overall , i guess (aunty) is really tired (:

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