Monday, November 23, 2009

sorry for everything ,
i realise my anger management is getting worst .
i don't know why i can give my mom attitude for nothing.
i don't know why when my dad Finally talk to me nicely , i shout back at him .
i don't know why when people is tryna concern , i ignore .
i can have conversation with people , starting was nicely chit chatting ,
suddenly my tone change , Pathetic shit .
Tired from working , tired from working with those ( see skin colour ) people ,
tired to see my So damn (W) onderful pay ,
now i know how it feels like when your partner keep going missing , actually i've already realised since last 2 week(s) .
i promise to change for it , and it's half success already .
but it's very tiring for me , myself to do it alone .
i can't ask for more , i can't tell my partner whats wrong and whats right ,
cause i havent successfully change .
i know i svcks big time last time , never think of how people feel, how tiring is it to be alone ,
i will change for the better . ( RIGHT BEARBEAR !)
kelvin is a real great guy , seriously (:
thanks for the kindo !

fvck up face -.-

misused Whippedpotatoes

i miss you alot , bro (:

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