Tuesday, December 29, 2009

starting up from Monday .
okay , actually not really call scammed la ..
Jay called me up , told me to meet him at northpoint , see handphone with tommy .
after we reached northpoint , tommy told me and jay to go Aljunied ,
' Sian Diao Yi ban '*
we took around 30 to 45 mins , i didnt really look at the time .
we wasted so much time to go there end up used 5mins on that place ,
OH FVCK , we change venue again .
This time to East coast , that taxi driver brough us to the wrong Seafood resturant ,
we ended up walking for 1 hr plus still cant find tha place ,
so we took cab , know what !? that place is just a turn over ,
OH SVCKISH , tommy then changed venue again ,
to Geylang street 12 , eat steamboat , walau .
those uncle there make me so insecure .
the steamboat is not like singapores' , its from china , which doesnt really suit my appetite ,
so i just ate fruits , mushroom . RAWR!
after that cabbed to causeway point to meet people , then finally ate something i like ,
ICHIBAN ! so bloated , heh !:D
i actually wanted to see Chickens and ducks , see how they seduce guys ~ woohoo!
tmr i'll introduce BEARBEAR my kfc friend , through pictures !!
goodnight lovelies .

you actually asked me to apologise to her , she should apologise to me .

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