Wednesday, December 30, 2009

this is my mummy (:

I WANT TO SLEEP , 3days of fullshift , with jacky homeD .

Best Buddy , Shien
Mavis . S
Sir chris would always plan shien,siewting&shiyun to do cashier ,
he said it would be 3 SUPER ' S ' , this is so memorable , intheend both of them quit , left one S .

This SexyBitch ! i always love to kick his somewhere , dont wanna let him have father's day!
he called me mei , jaycob .
Boccky ! you cant find this kind of guy out there .
Amyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~

Best,Bestest,Bested,Bestard Bro , Jacky .WONG PANN .
Junyang's birthday , flour celebration !

Unglam , I will never forget 12/8/2009 (:First time ppl treat me starbuck ,.
Liangjie .

Razi , longlong time rider .i washed the door !

INDRA , the best cashier .
i've used my 1year 3months , 30days , at yishun 545 .
i have one very nasty manager ,
i helped her alot , to work , to extend for fullshift .
even when i can get Mc , i dont .
for my school friends they know , for this stupid work ,
my test and exams are getting out of hands ,
i failed all for my Midyear , YES , all F .
not enough of sleep and end up sleeping in school ,
always got blue form for that , eye bag bigger and bigger .
i turn my friends out for outing & shopping , just because of work .
& yet she dont know how to appreciate everybody in store .
she likes to bully old auntie ,she admitted .
i've never sabo , since the first day of my work , you forced me to .
you only know how to push faults to ppl .
you dont even have proper anger management, for nth you shoutshout .
scold those people who looks so decent .
i'm not that perfect too , but you're so imperfect .
i never talk back for everything you say doesnt mean i have nothing to say .
look into your heart , you always think im nice to bully ,
You see my face properly , i feel like slapping you , for the hundred(th) time .
& see my words , FUCKYOU .
lastly , good luck people !HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA <3!>

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