Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year , byebye 2009 !
2more years before world ends .
please tell me 2012 ending is fake ,
like hell'o ? i'm just 18 on that year ...
i'll be just starting to get moremore freedom there !
WHYWHYWHY , scientist change everything !
and heres another one , NO ICE NO US ?
watched geography channel that day and spotted this thingy .
says that earth is getting warmer and warmer ,
which makes the ice from farfar away MELT .
and when its fully melted , we'll all drown ,
then it will be FISH WORLD !
so many pathetic happening .
Bear ! are you those normal brown bear living in summer ,
or are you those Polar Bears living in water and ice ?
It would be so greeatful if you're one of those polar bears ,
dont have to die . HAHAHAHA .
school is starting real soon ,
& i hate it .
Fvck , this is not happy .
cause i dont want school !
That day climbed up to yishun hill with mavis ,
exploring the toilet .
Yesterday had lunch at mac with her ,
while waiting for her cousin to come , teach her maths .
she's like those insane ppl , shouting here and there .
Later on bringing her to buy uniform .
The toilet . and yes , i'm stealing tissue .

i need the old you back .

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