Friday, January 15, 2010

Mother Tongue for the first perriod .
Stomachae , went toilet .
this damn automatic light piss me off ,
i sit down there never move awhile the light turn off !
wtf , then when i stand up , the light's back .
whatthefish is this fcuking thingy .
gotta buy N level chinese already , so expensive ..
after chinese went back to class for social studies .
i don't know why but i day dreamed !
ms low kept talking and talking , i was looking at here but not listening .
i think she know i'm day dreaming and shouted my name very loudly !
i got so shocked and jumped out from my chair but luckly nobody saw .
they just kept asking what i did , i say i don't know :D hehe !
was english after that , ESSAY !
i wrote about bestfriend,timothy and qian yi .
damn hilarious ! :)
then i had mix rice for my recess , i wanted the fish body , the auntie gave me fish tail .
ah whatever ...
then was maths , so boring ...............................
classmates should understand why , not im not interested, BUT ...
after school , attented chinese remedial .
then went northpoint for lunch with ,
mavis , jean , venus , bernard .
had long john , i hate it man .
the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze makes me wanna puke .
and i only take cheeeeeze cake .
walked arouond , bought bag , for outting .
i'm going out tmr ! finally no need stay at home whole day ! wooooooo~
shall upload pictures already , this is kinda boring without colours !
nappy time ! bye loves .

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