Saturday, January 16, 2010

Went alot place today !
woke up at 8 plus , got ready then went out to meet pig at yishun mrt .
the whole destination was like that ....
Bradell then raffles place then china town then fareast then boat quay then sumerset then orchard then toapayo then grandpa house .
i shouldnt have wear long sleeve -.-
damn hot there .
saw actors acting at boay quay , wtfwtf .
if i happen to see any shows coming up next with some parts where they're at the river with many birds , i'll tell my mum they cheat ! they're feeding the birds !
ishouldstophere , stresstoday .

bear , this's the most ugly pic i have only . sry!
next time i post dig nose pic !
i have watery eyes ~ and i love it so much .

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