Thursday, August 16, 2007

today didnt late.
reached school and was looking around to see if jingjing is thr.
NO!so go in myself.
they already standing.LOLS.
sing finish,go back class.
2WEEKS NO HOME ECON* liia0s cans!
last week,national day,celebrate.don't have.
today.test,don't have againx.
i wanna bake)":
today test,GEO & MT.
geo,was shouting & changing papers.
was funny,the tcher was mdm or ms teng*
veri skinny jiu dui liia0s.
finish geo,knock thalia's chair.
dhen she go take stick knock halima's chair.
guess tcher saw yeas.
dhen when collecting,tcher go out star on me and thalia's paper.
she toking nonsense wan nahs.
after that straight away chinese(MT)
do & do.was sho funny.
venus asking me answer from her special calculator.
it's from A to Z.sho goood.
after that reccess.
lesson end late cause of mdmyyo.
while eating,muthu came.
dhen everibody run off.
left me , adeline , venus.
eating slowly.
muthu kept looking and we kept laughing.
dhen he suddenly shouted.
"hey!eat finish,clean the canteen!"
dhen we were like ! *&^%$#@!~!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@
ate finish and clean.
throw ard lorhs.
finish,wanna buy greentea.
muthu standing thr.
one guy go tok with hym.
dhen i was finding greentea.
found and give the auntie money dhen run off.
lucky me,he didnt saw.
we were laughing like what hell.
didnt go back to class.
was running outside(:
dhen went back,was PW.
siian derhs cans.
make what group.whatever luhs~.
my whole group was sleeping.hahas.
after that maths.thalia and me gu yi make tcher fadup.
tok and tok(:
maths finish,stupid chen ask us to go out.
tok and tok.
he say."shiyun,i have talked to your mother twice do you want me to call again"
dhen i sae "everithing call parents,cant settle yourself ahs."
dhen thalia sae "my mother si bei busy derh want call go call lorhs,
she sure dont care"
dhen tcher sae"if i call your mother again,is who make her dissapointed?
is her daughter her you think i like to call your parents everitym?"
dhen we say "erxin,cal lorhs."
dhen he ask us go in.
at last nvr call.
LOL.english was fun.
only make chen angry but not other tcher.
cause he treat us like dogs.
whatever dont say bout hym lerhs.
weekly assembly,watched sec3 camp video(:
was funny luhs.
ate finish go back school find siewting cause she detention.
but cant find her so jiu go hm lerhs.
this's my day(:

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