Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i got nothing to post.
just too boring boring ):
tmr test GEO.sure dunnoe how to do luhs.
so siianx.
go see peoples blog.
see till shuen jie's blog.
ohyah!long time nvr chat with ehr lerhs.
cause she normally online iin the midnight.
after that went to read her post.
read and read.
LOL.i tink is the second post.
supersuper long cans.
it's a conversation with a gurll.
that conversation is simply too funny.
ever seen someone so bhb like that gurll.
saying herself is preetier dhen one so pretty.
wtf!? see till like wanna try and chat with her.
too bad~don't have her email.
shall get yeahs?
sooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooring nahs.
fussssssen say got time chat with me.
buddhen he busying watching his jap drama,
which he loves so much.
shall not disturb him(:
nobody chatting.
play audition.byees(:

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