Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Woke at 7.05 .
had that kindof feeling dizzy , rest awhile but it was already 7.15 .
so didnt went school .
Nothing matters cause today no cca either .
mum was awake at 9.15 & kept forcing me to learn how to fried fish .
imma fish fryer idiot .
dont even wanna put the fish into the fryingpan .
cause of those oils jumping .
she forcedforced , got frustrated so tried .
putted in the fish and ran as far as i could ,
pakpak , very loud ,
She pulled me to the monster .
holding the cover and forks covering my entire body ,
like in Maple gonna fight Zakum , with sheild & weapon .
so idiot , the opposite block guy keep looking in at his window .
if i'm not wrong , he's laughing .
forget it , luckly mum went to work .
Tmr got LIT & PE yo !
got to perform the Matilda's script .
Neresh had to read the longest part :D
byeee .
stop getting money from me to go out for your pool
i'm noy your creditcard.

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