Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TODAYTODAY , i ran away from maths retest !
watched sherlock holmes today , quite a nice show but
maybe it's because of the dieing of my eggs~~~~~ make me feel so sleepy
and uncomfortable :D
after that went to yewtee point kfc find joey's sist !
damn cute ok !
ate sushi for dinner ?
walked around then trained home .around 9+.
i havent revise for tmr socialstudies ..
what to do ?
BTW !, had vision check up today in school ..
nurse say my eye sight perfect !
was abit worry before checking cause this few days my left eye abit blur .
maybe not enough sleep ? no glasses for me ok BLACKIE .
& its not nice at all .
teacher showed us our 'N' LEVEL exam course work ,
3 words ' cannot make it'
STRESS ! somebody must help me ):
and i gotta get one laptop soon !

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